Appointment Setter Application

Welcome to Chicago Website Design SEO Company, a 5-Star Digital Marketing Company.

Today you are applying for an appointment setter position with our company which has been in business since 2012.  We are currently looking for 3 appointment setters who are fluent in US English.

Since we are an US based company, it is paramount we know what you sound like on the phone. Our prospective client base is in the US, therefore we are looking for appointment setters fluent in US English, or with a minimal accent.

Please read the script below out loud, record your voice, and upload the recording as an MP3 file.

Good afternoon,  my boss asked me to reach out to you concerning your website. It seems there is something wrong with your SEO, so we would like to run a free SEO report, and provide an analysis of our findings.  Sir/Ma'am, we are a 5-star search marketing company based in Chicago, Illinois that specializes in your niche, we will find the problem.  Sir/Ma'am,  can I connect you with my boss? It won't cost you but 15 minutes of your time. 

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