Local SEO Services for Small Business

At CWDSC, we provide the search engine optimization service you need to connect with potential customers near your business. Each month there are more than 10 billion distinct searches conducted in the United States. More than 40% of these queries are neighboring searches – such as city, state, or even neighborhood names. Local SEO can assist you in making the most out of this opportunity.

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Our SEO experts are knowledgeable about building the strategies that will drive your company to stand out from the competition and rank from the localized keywords. Customers are typically ready to make a purchase when they're browsing the Internet for business in their area. Have the upper hand by using our Local SEO marketing strategies, which will help grow your business today.

It is great to have a strong online presence because this is how you get more traffic. However, you do not have to compete with international companies. If your target audience is the local people, why not focus your energy on them. Our local SEO strategies will make sure that your business gets a strong local online presence. This way, your efforts will be felt more than when you are not focusing on your local area.

About 50% of consumers who search for a business using their smartphone visit the business within a day. About 34% of people who search for a business using a tablet or computer visit the business within a day. Our local search engine optimization strategies will focus on people who can actually visit your physical business.

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Be Where Your Customers Are Looking

About 60% of American adults use their smartphones and tablets to search for products and services information from local providers. Why don’t you take advantage of this and be where they are looking. Our local search optimization will ensure that your website is the first one your target customers see when they search. About 71% of people in a survey said that they first confirm a business’s location before visiting it. This simply means you should have everything your customers are looking for about your business.

Google My Business Optimization Will Help Local Potential Customers Find Your Business

Nine out of ten people use search engines to find local restaurants, stores or businesses. Google My Business (GMB) optimization assist customers with finding your address, phone number and other information needed to contact you. Furthermore, Google My Business and Maps can populate an important amount of space on the first page of search results, almost 30%. This could become an essential part of expanding your brand authority and credibility at the top of the search engine rankings.
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Content Is King

Regardless of what you are selling, the content on your website is crucial. Content is the reason people will visit your website. This is where we will incorporate all the links, images, videos, and keywords. Through professional content, we can help you tell your target audience what you will do for them. Keep in mind that most people who are visiting your website are looking for a solution. It makes a lot of business sense to provide solutions to their problems.

Our experts will make sure that your website is authoritative in your line of business. Keep in mind that search engines work for the users. They will give them results according to what they perceive as useful to users. Our professional helpful content will appease the search engines and make sure that the visitors stay on the website. The content needs to address local problems by providing the solutions that people are looking for.

Better Conversion

Getting more traffic is the easy part. We will make sure that the visitors turn into buyers through a convincing call to action. This starts with attracting the right traffic. These are people who visit your website because they are actually interested in what you are selling.

Beat Your Competitors

When you are fighting for local customers with competitors, business might not be all that good. But when your business is at the top of local searches, you will have an edge over the direct competitors. Combining all the strategies will put you at the top of other businesses and this will get you more traffic.

Let Us Handle Your Business’ Local SEO

At CWDSC, our local business SEO professionals can produce a strategy that includes ranking your Google My Business listings. Contact us for more about how we can expand your revenue by incorporating Google My Business optimization strategies to your website’s search engine marketing campaign.