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So, you have worked hard to build your photography career and business. You have a website and have some testimonials to show that you are a professional. Your business cards are already out and you are advertising using emails and other methods. But then, you keep seeing and hearing about SEO services and how useful they are. Chicago Website Design SEO Company is a professional web marketing company with years of experience. We will walk you through what you need to know about photographer SEO and show you what we can do for you.

How Can SEO Help My Photography Business?

Statistics show that more than 97% of the people who use the internet shop online. More people are accessing the internet using mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can only expect that most of your target clients are looking for photography services online. SEO is the reason why some websites are above others when it comes to search engine results. With our professional services, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with being at the top of search results. Our work is to make sure that your website is visible to the people who are looking for your services.

Will I Get A Return On Investment?

Professional SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques a business can adopt. Instead of looking at the process as a cost; look at it as an investment. As you all know, an investment needs to give you a return on investment. SEO will not disappoint especially when implemented by experienced professionals.

How Long Do I Wait For The Results?

We won’t try to impress you by telling you that the results will come fast. Well, what we can promise is that when all the techniques are properly implemented, your website will have an edge over your competitors. The main idea is to make search engines fall in love with you and it is nothing about love at first sight. The strategizing and the implementation will take time but once we are done, you will be glad you worked with us.

Local Or National SEO For Photographers

There is no major difference between local and national SEO. The only difference is the target audience. While local SEO is all about a local audience, national does not necessarily target a certain location. With local photography SEO, we will use geo-modifiers that involve names of particular locations that your photographer business is targeting. If you also want to get into business with international clients, we will also implement national SEO.

Key Performance Indicators

To keep your website at the top and running smoothly, it is important to audit it occasionally. You want to be sure that your website is performing at optimum levels at all times. This can be done in different ways and our experts can help.

Website Structure Analysis

Your website’s structure is very important not only to your target audience but also to search engines. Before we launch your website, we will first structure a sitemap that indicates important information such as the number of pages and what the pages contain. It is important to give your visitors an idea of what you have to offer. You can have pages such as couple shots, wedding photography, child portraits, and any other package your business offers. We will also include a section with reviews and a properly presented contact page.

Website Link Profile Analysis

A successful linking profile never lacks backlinking. We will make sure that when we set up information or article on your site, there are authoritative sites linking back to your site. Backlinking is one of the reasons why some sites are more authoritative. This is because linking from authoritative sites will lead to search engines perceiving your photography website as important. We will look at the number of links, the quality of the links, and the performance of the pages involved.

On-site Photographer SEO Strategies

When it comes to Photographer SEO, there are factors that we focus on to boost your business website. These are factors that work towards pushing your website to the top of search engines.

Proper Keyword Research And Selection

Our experts start with a detailed research to find the best keywords to optimize for. This means that we will identify the exact keywords and key phrases that people are using to find photography services in your area. We will make sure that the keywords have enough monthly search volumes. This will guarantee you multiple visits from people interested in photography services.

Professional Customized Content

Uniqueness is what will separate you from the crowd. Our content creators will deliver original content that attracts search engines for indexing. Apart from search engines, the content needs to be attractive and informative for the visitors. It is through content that we can implement calls to action that are geared towards converting visitors into buyers.

Website Security And Load Speeds

Another important element we pay close attention to is website security. We want you and your visitors to be safe from people with unlawful intentions. Though these people always find ways to penetrate security features, keeping a close eye on your website will ensure that nothing happens to your personal information.

Load speed is also very important when it comes to dealing with traffic. Most visitors want a website that loads fast because they do not have all day to wait for a slow site. Well, if your website does not load fast, the visitors will lead and most probably, they will go to your competitors. A fast website will impress search engines and this will work towards better ranking.

Important Off-site Photographer SEO

Some of the important off-site SEO strategies we implement include but not limited to the following:

  • Building of relevant links
  • Directory listing for your photography business
  • Website link profile cleaning
  • Social media integration and management

Tracking Your Photographer Business Growth

We will not just implement professional SEO and leave; we will walk with you to make sure that everything is working as planned. There is no better way that to track the effectiveness of SEO campaigns than looking at the growth of your photography business. If anything changes, we will be ready to tweak the campaigns to achieve set goals.

Work With Experts For Professional SEO For Photographers

Our business is to make sure that yours is successful. Our company ranks top for all the keywords we optimize for. This simply means we know our way around search engine optimization. As you concentrate on taking the best photography shots, we will be working to bring in more clients and make you a strong brand in photography.

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